Frequently asked questions

If you don't ask, you'll never know

Entrepreneurs are always questioning things, so we guessed you might have questions about the Innovation Challenge.

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Q.Why should I enter the Innovation Challenge?
Q.Was there a fee to enter?
Q.Where can I find a full copy of the Innovation Challenge rules?
Q.How do I log in and out of my profile?

Q.Could I have represented a team or group with my entry?
Q.Could I have entered if I was under 18?
Q.Could I have entered if I was not a South African resident?

Q.What are the most important things you will be judging my idea on?

Q.Who will see my idea entry?
Q.Is my idea safe – how do I know someone won’t use it without my permission?

Q.If my idea was someone else’s idea I heard of, could I have entered it as my own idea?
Q.If I had already developed this idea and worked with partners on it, could I still have entered it?
Q.I had seen a similar concept in another country but I wanted to make this idea unique for South Africa. Could I have submitted my own version?

Q.When did the Innovation Challenge open?
Q.When did Innovation Challenge entries close?
Q.What happens after I enter?

Q.How will I know if I made it to the Top 15?
Q.What does it mean for me if my idea entry makes it to the Top 15?
Q.What other responsibilities do I have if I make the Top 15?
Q.How will I know what else to submit if I make the Top 15?
Q.What happens if I get to the Top 15?

Q.Tell me about the winning prize and how it works?
Q.How will the prize be handed over to me?
Q.If I win, does Redefine Properties own my idea?