About the competition

Who we wanted
We were looking for South Africa’s new innovation sensation. Someone with an innovative idea, and big dreams, no matter how small their start.

Redefine Properties offered R1 million in cash to one local entrepreneur with the right idea.

What we were looking for
We were looking for big ideas that could make a real impact on all our lives and that would bring about innovation in the property industry. Maybe it was about making a community part of how our mall spaces work, or maybe it was using the spaces around all of us to change our collective world.

It was all about how you saw it.

Ideas we wanted
We were looking for innovative ideas that matched one or more of the four criteria in areas across retail malls, commercial offices and industrial warehouse properties:

      Enhancing business opportunities

      Uplifting communities and integrating their needs in properties

      Enhancing customer experiences

      The use of technology to improve these spaces

If those were your kind of ideas, then this was your kind of challenge.